Job Opening

1. Field Manager/ Operations Manager

No. of positions vacant- 500

Job description- The selected candidate needs to verify whether security objectives of various clients are being fulfilled or not. He or she needs to visit individual sites for marketing purposes.

2. Security guards

No. of positions vacant- 2500

Job description- To remain on alert during the entire duration of duty and carry out thorough frisking with the help of metal detectors. The person needs to remain in the monitor area at all times and also keep a watch on CCTV footage, which may be required at critical times.

3. Inspection Officer

No. of positions vacant-250

Job description- This person will be responsible for legal compliance of any client, and check that all parameters are being met. Any kind of disturbance at the client’s end needs to be handled by the Inspection Officer. Direct dealing with the police will be undertaken here, which means that the person needs to have thorough knowledge of legal business guidelines.

4. Commanding Officer

No. of positions vacant-100

Job description- Also known as the Division Commanding Officer, this person will be directly dealing with the State. It is his or her duty to keep the other officers on alert by checking their work regularly. He or she ensures that company rules and regulations are being followed by the client.

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