Aviation Security

Customised airport security solutions by MIS fulfill the needs of all customers. Some of the major services provided by us include:

  • a. Security Checkpoints Screening
  • b. Hold Baggage Screening (HBS)
  • c. Access Control to Secured Areas
  • d. Peripheral Guarding
  • e. Various Consulting Tasks

Services for airlines specifically include the following:

  • a. Security Profiling (Passenger Interview)
  • b. Baggage Monitoring and Screening
  • c. Aircraft Security
  • d. Aircraft Search
  • e. Verification of travel documents
  • f. Catering Security
  • g. Cargo Security
  • h. Access Control to Secured Areas
  • i. Peripheral Guarding

ATM Services

Trained security personnel from MIS help reduce risk, optimize cash levels and maximize transaction volume at ATMs across the country. These personnel, who travel in armored vehicles replenish machine cash, balance the machines, and report the settlement data with consolidated electronic reporting. In many countries, Mrityunjaya also provides First and Second Line Maintenance (FLM and SLM) services for ATM maintenance and repairs with quick responses to troubleshoot problems, efficiently manage paper supplies, clear currency jams, and manage communications issues on major brands of ATMs.

Cyber security wing

In today’s times, no company can really afford a viral attack, whether small or big. Cyber security has become an integral need for any company, and MIS has the expertise to provide the same. Experts here understand the massive volumes of company data that your company deals with on a daily basis, and thereby deploy their knowledge and dedication towards guarding the information at all times. With the help of MIS services, businesses can not only build, assess and manage their cyber security capabilities, but also generate a timely response to crises.

Cyber security services provided by MIS include the following:

  • Strategy for cyber security of small business
  • Developing the security framework, strategy and program
  • Sensitization to stakeholders and building awareness
  • Providing ethical hacking services
  • Assessment of payment security levels
  • Detecting threat management due to insiders
  • Carrying out malware analysis
  • Support for post incident activities
  • Carrying out data recovery

MIS has a number of data recovery experts who are expert at recovering data which is possibly lost due to corruption or malware or both. Make sure you contact the company as soon as you face such a situation- you will be assured of excellent, world-class technical support at all times.

By deploying trained ethical hacking experts into any organization, it is possible to expose IT security vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly. MIS always does this in complete conjunction with the client. It is very clear that for a company to grow, it will need a greater amount of technology and devices. This also implies that that are higher chances of security vulnerability, some of whom may be present inside your very organization. However, if you have MIS by your side, you can be assured of a peaceful time, which will allow you to focus on company growth.