Panzer Transport

From bank deposits and change funds to ATM cash replenishments and coin deliveries, MIS has been the safest and most secure choice in logistics since 2017. Thousands of companies across the globe trust MIS services today to protect their businesses with the use of panzer transport. Advanced methods in secure logistics, communications and audit systems strengthen the MIS reputation.

Backed with comprehensive protection covering loss anywhere they do business, MIS all-risk insurance is the best in the industry. First introduced in the 2017, panzer transport by MIS has been continuously upgraded and increased with state-of-the-art technology and security features. MIS panzer transportation service is backed by state-of-the-art all-risk insurance coverage. These armoured vehicles are fitted with GPS devices, through which they are constantly tracked by MIS.

Benefits of MIS Armored Transportation:
  • Save time, money and power
  • Lower the risk of theft and mishandling
  • Free up resources for more productive activities.
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve security for your employees and customers.

Global Logistics

MIS Global Services, a module of MIS Incorporated, specializes in the secure transportation and handling of valuable goods throughout the logistics value chain, from raw materials and components to finished products. This includes bank notes, precious metals, and jewelry. The company offers secure transport and associated security services in more than 27 countries. the MIS reputation.

Diamonds & Jewelry-

From the processes followed at mines to polished stones, MIS has expert level security services to secure the entire chain. MIS offers management of the whole logistic process, which includes secure transportation from mines to dealers, manufacturers, polishers and wholesalers. Here is a list of services:

  • Low Value Parcel Shipping: An end-to-end solution for the logistics and distribution of smaller parcels valued at up to US$75,000 is offered. It is ideal for distribution of small
  • Trade Show Services: Customers can exhibit diamonds and jewelry at trade shows throughout the world, through secure transportation, customs clearance and on-site assistance from MIS. It also provides shipment of rough diamonds and gems to grading

Expensive metals

MIS helps secure the precious metals supply chain from mine to end user. Stages include preparation of the shipment, weight as per industry standards, preparation of documents for letter of credit, storage, and acceptance and release of shipments upon receipt of formal instructions.

In New York, MIS is an authorized depository for NYMEX/Comex. The company concentrates on a fast response in order to help customers retain their competitive advantage. Services for expensive metals include:

  • Door-to-Door Logistics Services: Worldwide shipment by sea, air or road, including pick-up, storage, list management, customs clearance and delivery
  • Storage: MIS gives bullion vaults throughout the world for storage and immediate shipping from locations near airports, mines, refineries and central banks
  • Inventory Management: MIS can report on stock positions, inventory balancing and customize storage programs. Global inventory is tracked with item-level detail for easy reconciliation and tighter control

Secure Cargo

Long distance transportation for high value materials such as bulk or unrefined precious metals, coins and bulk bank notes are risky, but not when handled by MIS. Rigorous tracking procedures and regulations may be required by large air shipments or traditional armoured trucks. Even if these shipments are too large to be carried by any of the above, MIS will handle it for you.

MIS Secure Cargo facilities are available across a number of countries. It provides safe and secure transportation for oversized shipments, making use of armouredcars and trailers, two-way radios and modern satellite technology for superior risk management.